Gorilla Mindset: A Practical Guide

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A practical guide for taking charge of your life. Build your mindset, affirm your state of mind, be in the moment, control attention, get fit, make money, and change the way you live. 

Based on the book "The Gorilla Mindset" by Mike Cernovich.


1. How to build a mindset

2. How to handle finances

3. How to improve health

4. How to gain perspective

5. How to win every single day

What you get:

Practical guides every step of the way

Rules, affirmations, and more.

Read it little by little every day.

Incorporate the steps to life.

Make yourself worthy.

Good luck to you.

Be better.

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You'll get a printable PDF & a Notion template.


Gorilla Mindset: A Practical Guide

0 ratings
I want this!